Harvard TempCem

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Automix eugenol-free temporary luting cement for crowns and bridges

  • Optimal adhesion and removal
  • No residual cement on the core the cement remains in the crown
  • Easy to clean-off excess material
  • Contains zinc oxide
  • Eugenol-free
  • Harvard TEMP Cem is available in syringes of 5 and 10 m

Properties and Advantages!

Minimix syringe

  • Exact dosing of the components and bubble free mixing
  • = Safe and convenient

Easy handling

  • Excess material easy to remove

Low film thickness

  • Perfect fit of the restoration = no vertical increase of occlusion

Optimised adhesion

  • Good retention

Contains zinc oxide

  • Known for its antibacterial effect
  • Reduces the risk of secondary caries


  • Does not interfere with subsequent bonding

Removal without residual cement on the core

  • Cement stays in the crown