Trade in dental materials

We are official ambassadors of Harvard production in Baltic countries and official ambassdors of Neobiotech dental implants in Lithuania.


Odontological materials

Harvard is highest quality composites, bonding systems and liners. Also we have highest quality products for endodontic treatment, temporary materials amd other materials.


Dental implants

Neobiotech is company of highest quality dental implants that are the first choise of the best doctors all over the world.

Oficialus atstovas Lietuvoje

We are official ambassadors of Harvard production in Baltic countries and official ambassdors of Neobiotech dental implants in Lithuania.

Harvard logo

Harvard® is one of the first registered dental brands in the world. In 1892, BAF Robert Richter officially applied to the National Patent Office with a request to register this trademark.

Robert Richter was born in 1856 in Berlin and in 1878 entered the United States to study dentistry at the Maryland Univeristy, School of Dentistry. After studying, Robert Richter moved to Philadelphia, where he has gained experience working as a dentist. In 1884 he returned to Berlin and began to develop a product suitable for cementing and filling. After many tests, the first reliable Zinc Phosphate Cement, known as Harvard Cement, was invented.

Now, after more than 125 years, Harvard Zinc's phosphate cement remains a leader in crown and bridge cementing, with this material was cemented 375 million restorations all over the world.

Harvard's latest work, Harvard UltraFill and UltraFill Flow, are also the highest quality products.

Neo Biotech logo

Neobiotech, established in 2000, is currently one of the most innovative implant manufacturing companies in the world. Its purpose is to facilitate the work of dentists in developing the most advanced dental implantation and surgical products.

At the beginning of 2007, Neobiotech introduced the Sinus Quick implant, which is particularly suited to the maxillary dental implants and guarantees excellent surgical process and anytime loading, GBR (regulated bone regeneration), and load, while at the same time conducting an innovative upgrade process in the management of the company. In February 2008, Neobiotech introduced a novelty in the area of sinus implantation by creating a completely new SCA kit, which is a Sinus Crestal Approach-type tool. In July 2008, Neobiotech introduced the SLA kit, which is one of the key Sinus Lateral Approach-type surgery tools. This kit is especially enjoyable and comes with many compliments from our client's dentist.

The concept of Neobiotech is to create products that are simpler, safer and more quality. We are confident that dentists who have tried Neobiotech products will be able to quickly and easily perform implantation procedures and provide the best quality services to their patients.

Neobiotech seeks to be one of the world's best dental implant manufacturers, constantly developing innovative and quality new products.


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