Harvard SuperSnap

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Harvard SuperSnap® Vinylpolysiloxane impression material

Impression material of a new Generation…
…that is Harvard SuperSnap®. This product combines all the advantages of our previous Premium-Sil products with new setting properties.
You are looking for a combination of a long working time and a short oral setting-time ?
This allows a stress-free workflow, time savings and increases patient comfort.

You want to use two different types of setting times depending on the clinical situation.
Available in 2 snap-set variants: Regular Snap and Quick Snap

You want an exact readability.
Harvard SuperSnap® offers new high-contrast colors for exact readability.

Harvard SuperSnap® offers as usual:

  • Excellent flow properties
  • High elastic recovery and dimension stability
  • Excellent legibility
  • Super hydrophilicity for perfect results and excellent reproduction of details
  • As usual: very berry!
  • Suitable for the sandwich technique and the putty-wash technique
  • Different viscosities: Putty, Putty Soft, Heavy, Mono, Medium, Light
  • Optimal kneadable consistency for the putty products