Harvard PremiumSil Light

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Super hydrophilic impression materials

  • Super hydrophilic for perfect wetting and perfect accuracy in all clinical situations
  • Long working time and short setting time
  • Contrasting colors – for optimal readability
  • Pleasant berry smell
  • Automatic mixing also for putty

Because everything begins with a good impression!
Precise dental restorations begin with a good impression. Dental impression materials are the key for clinical success.

Harvard presents a new series of A-silicone (vinylpolysiloxane) impression materials: Harvard PremiumSil products.

The Harvard A-Silicones combine the best properties:

  • excellent flow properties to minimize voids
  • high hydrophilicity for excellent reproduction of details
  • long working time and short setting time comfortable for dentist and patient
  • very low shrinkage
  • excellent tear strength and elasticity for distortion-free results
  • optimal kneadable consistency for the putty products
  • smart automatic mixing also for putty
  • range of products for all clinical needs
  • pleasant smell