Harvard MTA Universal HandMix

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Endodontic biocompatible repair cement


  • Highly biocompatible material
  • Very good bonding to dentin
  • No solubility in tissue fluid after setting
  • High pH-value
  • HandMix: flexible and economical
  • Radiopaque
  • Next clinical step after 5 minutes


  • Repairing of tooth structure
  • Formation of tertiary dentin over the pulp (“dentin bridge”)
  • Formation of a protective layer against bacteria due to
  • the formation of calcium hydroxide and apatite
  • Setting unaffected by humidity
  • Can easily be mixed to a nice creamy consistency

Overview of the clinical indications of Harvard MTA Universal HandMix

Pulp Capping

  • Pulp protection: direct and indirect pulp capping

Filling of root canal perforation

  • Excellent seal
  • Formation of a protective layer preventing bacterial penetration
  • Biocompatible

Root end filling (orthograde)

  • Sealing the apex in one step
  • Compatible with guttapercha and all root canal sealers

Root end filling (retrograde)

  • Setting is not affected by humidity