Harvard MTA Universal OptiCap

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Endodontic biocompatible repair cement in capsules based on blended mineral oxides (mineral trioxide aggregate)

  • Pulp capping
  • Filling of root canal perforation
  • Root end filling (orthograde)
  • Root end filling (retrograde)
  • Highly biocompatible material
  • Forms tertiary dentin over the pulp
  • Forms protective layer to stop bacterial entry
  • Very good bonding to dentin
  • Radiopaque
  • Next clinical step after 5 minutes
  • Setting unaffected by humidity

Pulp Capping

  • Pulp protection: direct and indirect pulp capping

Filling of root canal perforation

  • Very good seal
  • Biocompatible

Root end filling (orthograde)

  • Sealing the apex
  • Compatible with Guttapercha

Root end filling (retrograde)

  • Sealing the root canal end

Properties and Advantages!

MTA in capsules

  • Convenient mixing with commercially available capsule mixer
  • Homogeneously and evenly mixed product

Highly biocompatible material

  • Formation of tertiary dentin, e.g. dentin bridging

Very good bond to dentin
Insoluble in tissue fluid after setting
No shrinkage

  • Formation of calcium hydroxide and apatite
  • Excellent marginal seal


  • Easy interpretation of radiographs