Harvard Ionoglas Fill

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Light cure resin modified glass ionomer restorative cement


  • Perfect and reliable non-sticky consistency
  • Fine fillers
  • Light and self cure
  • Adhesion to enamel and dentin
  • Low shrinkage
  • Radiopaque


  • Durable permanent fillings
  • Ideal for long-term temporary fillings
  • Easy to mix
  • Convenient to apply
  • Excellent marginal fit and seal
  • Easy to polish
  • Esthetic fillings


Harvard Ionoglas Fill LC is the perfect choice for small class I and II fillings and for restoration of class V cavities. It is also excellent for intermediate restorations of all kinds.
It has better mechanical properties than classical GIC and is easy to use.
After a convenient working time of 2:00 min the light-curing allows for a fast setting on demand.
Application of Harvard Ionoglas Fill LC results in esthetic and long-lasting restorations.