Ora-Aid conceptual intaoral wound dressing strip

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This product is a non- eugenol protective dressing material applied to intraoral wouds.

  • Advanced concept in intraoral dressing
  • Protects intraoral wounds from food, bacteria and cigarette smoke
  • Aids in hemostasis
  • Protects suture thread from tongue irritation
  • Strong adhesion using hydrophilic polymer
  • Easy to cut into different shapes/sizes
  • Self adhesive with saliva
  • Reduces irritation sore in mouth
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Mint flavor reduces halitosis
  • Contains vitamin E

Intend to use
Applicable to any cases in the oral cavity to protect intraoral wounds

  • Promotes healing after oral surgery and treatment
  • Open wounds and open suture
  • Canker sore
  • Protects suture thread from tongue irritation
  • Protects sore from orthodontia
  • Protects fluorine vanish or sensitive teeth
  • Refreshing taste after surgical procedure

Possible dimensions:
25 x 15mm
50 x 15mm
The package consists of 20 pcs.